Tensor CS, Inc.

Innovation in Communications


Project Design thru Manufacturing:

Tensor can provide turnkey system design for corporations whose expertise does not reside in the electronic industry but are in need of an electronic device designed to provide a companion or support function to their product or service.

We can take your high level requirements and convert them to a solid, reliable, maintainable product that can be manufactured at a reasonable cost.

Tensor can do the systems engineering, hardware and software design, provide prototypes and though we do not provide manufacturing capability we can interface and expedite the manufacturing process both with local value added vendors as well as overseas manufacturers

Consulting Services:

Tensor can provide consulting services at any level of the concept and design. We often provide a team approach rather than an individualís opinion in order to provide the best bang for your buck.  

Design Engineering Services:

Tensor can provide individual engineers with expertise in various areas of design, either on site or at our facilities (supported with all the tools and equipment required)


Systems Engineering:

Tensor can be integrated into your design team to generating technical specifications and descriptions of electronic hardware and or software required to fulfill your equipment requirements. We have been instrumental in providing the requirements and specifications for systems in various fields ranging from Medical Instrumentation; Manufacturing Test Equipment; Optical, Hard Wired and Wireless Communications Systems; Radio Location, and Identification; and Radar Applications.

We are familiar FCC requirements, propagation characteristics of various communication environments, including line of sight (LOS) urban and long haul, terrestrial and satellite and over the horizon systems.

Analog Hardware Design:

Tensor has the capability of generating cost effective hardware designs from a requirements document. We have the capability of designing functional hardware spanning RF frequencies up to 120 GHz. We have expertise in the design of RF and IF amplifiers used in the reception of signals using various communication formats including PM, FM, CDMA, FDMA as well as hybrids. We have designed systems supporting data rates in excess of multiple gigabits as well as narrow band systems supporting very low bit rates.


Digital Hardware Design:

Tensor has digital design capability in receiver front ends and various signal processing techniques. We also have VHDL capabilities and realize those designs in various ASIC, FPGA and CPLD from various manufacturers.

PCB Design:

Tensor has the ability to design and rout PCB assemblies consisting of multiple ground, power and signal planes. We have buried via capability and can incorporate RF designs as well as analog and digital. We have the expertise to design and plan the architecture for optimum performance and minimize EMI both on the PCB as well as external to the PCB assembly.

Software Design:

Tensor also brings expertise in software development for various standard platforms as well as well as an imbedded software capability. OS include UNIX, LINUX, DOS and Windows. Applications software is developed using BASIC, ADA, Pascal, FORTRAN, Visual BASIC, C, C++, Visual C++ and many others

Reliability and Maintainability Design:

Reliability and maintainability are the foundation of all designs here at Tensor. Reliability calculations based on either Bell Systems handbook or MIL standards are available. Design to MTBF is also available. We have expertise in redundant design techniques for both reliability and maintainability. We have experience in hot swap technology and design for testability both on the bench and in system.

Mechanical Hardware Design:

Tensor has provided mechanical design interface capability to a number of excellent designers with capabilities spanning the traditional metal enclosures to those requiring various exotic configurations to meet the system design requirements. We have also provided interface with plastic designers for commercial and industrial systems.


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